Ms. Carter, Chorus

Welcome to my Teacher Webpage for the Spackenkill Union Free School District website.

Here you can find:

            • Copies of the choral handbooks, which contain all of the concert dates for the year
            • Copies of Lesson Schedules (HS)
            • Important dates, such as Jr High All-County audition dates, trip dates, etc
            • Links to rehearsal videos, or performances of songs we are working on

I am very excited about the 7-8 and HS choruses this year!! Lots of new voices, but good energy and attitudes!!

Contact Information:

HS phone: 845.463.7810

MS phone: 845.463.7830

Courses Taught:

  • High School Chorus
  • High School Lessons (including Women's Choir)
  • Middle School Chorus 7
  • Middle School Chorus 8

Supplies Needed for HS and MS Chorus:

  • 1" Binder with three dividers
  • Pencils
  • Music and folder, to be assigned to students by Ms. Carter. The music and folder are equivalent to a textbook- loss or mishandling will incur a cost for replacement.

And most importantly, A POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!!! (not a supply, but very necessary!)

HS Chorus Handbook 17-18.doc.pdf

High School Handbook. Concert dates are on page 6.

MS chorus requirements.pdf

Middle School Course Requirements. Concert dates are on page 2.

Once chromebooks are checked out to students, assignments will be announced to students through google classroom. Graded assignments will appear in eschool within 2 days of the due date. Please sign up for the parent portal and/or check in to your child's classroom account to see grades and assignments that are due.

High school students who are eligible for Area All-State should indicate their interest to Ms. Carter ASAP, as applications are due September 22.

7-9 choral students interested in Jr High All-County should let Ms. Carter know ASAP, as auditions have to be recorded and submitted by October 15.