2019 Suffern Middle School Girls on the Run Team

Let's Walk Together!

As an extension of the Rockland County March Forward initiative, I am excited to offer this month-long challenge to walk as many steps as you can, all in the name of health! Traditionally, March Forward is a day-long initiative held in schools, where movement breaks and exercise are the central focus of the day. This year, we're taking it a bit further. We're declaring the entire month of March as an opportunity to optimize your health and wellness. Students, staff and community members are encouraged to join the challenge by tracking your steps, time spent walking, or distance walked. Participants may receive shout-outs, Suffern swag and other goodies along the way! I hope you'll join me to #MarchForwardSuffern.

- Lisa Weber, Acting Superintendent of Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a step counter, fitbit, apple watch or other device to participate?
No! We are offering a variety of ways to track your activity, including the amount of time you were active, the total distance walked/biked/ran, and number of steps. Additionally, many smart phones also have apps to track movement and activity.

Do I need to log my activity every day?
Definitely not. You choose how you want to log your activity. You can do it once a week, every other day, or pick any time that works for you.

Who can participate in this challenge?
March Forward Suffern is open to anyone in our community - students, parents, caregivers, teachers, staff and community members, just to name a few.

Other than logging my activity, how else can I participate?
Post your activity on your social media accounts using the hashtag #MarchForwardSuffern and #MarchForwardRC and tag the District (Facebook: @Sufferncentralsd; Twitter: @sufferncsd; Instagram: @sufferncentralsd). We are also looking for prize donations. If you have any small items you'd like to donate, please email marchforwardsuffern@sufferncentral.org.

Will the data I enter be shared?
Nothing will be shared without your permission. There is a box to check on the activity log that will allow you to opt-in or out of sharing.

What activities can I do during this challenge?
Any activity that gets you moving! You can walk, run, ride a bike or go to the gym. Dancing, playing any sport, yoga, you name it!