Get Interviews, Get Offers & Beyond

The 1:1 version of the Secure That Next Career Move series is uniquely designed to help you beat the competition and secure a new role with a leading employer:

  • It is delivered with utmost flexibility designed to work around your schedule.
  • With only handpicked 1:1 clients you are guaranteed the dedicated one-to-one time and attention required to ensure your success.
  • I continue to work with you until you have secured your new role.

The Secure That New Job series...

... has 3 phases to it.

Each phase builds on the one prior showing you how to get job interviews, how to get job offers and then how to be successful in your new role. Clients can choose to participate in all 3 phases, just 1 or 2 or even specific modules depending on your specific needs. An online course version is also in development for those that have a leaner budget.

Phase 1: Get Job Market Ready

Find out what is included and see client success stories here

In this programme I walk you through how to ensure you get interviews for the right kinds or roles:

  1. Gather the raw materials you will need to create a powerful presence in the job market
  2. Ensure your LinkedIn settings are appropriate and then update your LinkedIn Profile
  3. Leverage LinkedIn to be visible to the right recruiters and decision makers for the right roles
  4. Craft a compelling 'Core CV' that you can easily adapt for different applications
  5. How to adapt a CV for advertised job opportunities
  6. Create a 'Go To Market' strategy that takes into account all 4 ways to generate job opportunities
  7. Implement your 'Job Search Campaign' so you quickly start getting interviews

Thomas wanted to change his career direction, moving away from teaching, into an education administration role. He had applied for several jobs online but was hearing nothing back.

After participating in Phase 1 'Get Job Market Ready' he started getting interviews almost immediately.

He continued on with Phase 2 'Get Appointed'. He secured his first education administration role as Student Coordinator within 1-month of the first interview he attended for it.

Phase 2: Get Appointed To Your Next Role

Find out what is included and see client success stories here

In this programme I support you as you move from getting interviews to getting offers.

  1. Assess which 'Go To Market' strategies are yielding you the highest quality opportunities
  2. Update your 'Job Search Campaign' accordingly
  3. Prepare for and perform at interviews and assessments in a way that optimises job offers
  4. Evaluate job offers, and consider what matters most to you in terms of remuneration, benefits and ways of working
  5. Negotiate job offers to secure the aspects that matter most to you

Wilson's role as a Bid Finance Modeller had recently been made redundant. He was getting interviews but no offers. He joined the 'Get Appointed To Your Next Role' programme.

Within 6 weeks had landed a role as:

Senior Commercial Analyst

Phase 3: Be Successful In Your New Role

Find out what is included and see client success stories here

This is why I don't just talk about landing your next role but securing it.If you have landed a great promotion as is the case for many of my clients. That comes with a huge pressure to deliver, often in unfamiliar territory. In this programme I support you as you navigate your new role and organisation to have an immediate and lasting impact:

  1. Pre-board activities you can take, before you even start, to help you land running
  2. On-board including your first 100 days plan that combines quick wins and longer term achievements
  3. Identify and analyse key stakeholder and develop tailored influencing strategies
  4. Manage your energy to ensure you can tackle any overwhelm so you don't burn out, during what can be a very intense phase
  5. Manage people, whether they report to you directly, via dotted line or are peer-to-peer project team members.
  6. Lead according to the context to inspire others to grow, learn and contribute to the company/department/team objectives

Jennifer had secured a promotion from Senior Consultant - Healthcare to Senior Government Affairs Manager. Her first senior management job. She joined the very first version of the 'Be Successful In Your New Role' programme as she navigated her new stakeholders at her new employer, whilst also planning her wedding!

Within 6 weeks she had been recognised by top leadership for navigating a reputational risk issue, within 6 months had an article featuring her published in the global company magazine for her presentation performance at a global conference. Within 12 months she had received a pay-rise and highest bonus possible, along with a glowing appraisal.

Her wedding went perfectly to plan, she has been happily married for several years and now has an adorable 1 year old too.

She returned to me recently when towards the end of her maternity leave her employer was acquired. She joined phase 1 and 2 her case study can be found here

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Clients have secured their next role with these leading employers

"Whether it is a promotion or pivot that you are seeking, I can help. If you are talented at what you do, are ready to make the leap, and to invest in yourself and your career, then let's discuss your needs and whether The Secure Your New Job Series, or a specific programme or elements within it, would be a good fit."

I look forward to meeting you on an online one-to-one call.

Ali Miller, Director of Successful Candidates | Job Search Consultant | New Talent Coach

More client success stories...

A prior client on the Be Successful In Your New Role phase, Jennifer returned 5 years later and joined Phases 1 and 2. She went from:

Senior Government Affairs Manager


Director of Health & Public Affairs at a very family friendly employer

Mark hired me to support him and his team as they navigated the changes following an acquisition, ensuring everyone was ready to secure a new role either at the acquiring company or at a new employer. Within 6 weeks of consultations concluding Mark went from

Director of Corporate Affairs -UK


Patient Advocacy & Communications Lead (Europe and Canada)

With a long desired relocation to Switzerland

4 members of his team had secured external promotions

1 team member was promoted internally

1 was successfully transferred during a product buy-out.

Suraj was ready for promotion but there was not the roles available at his current employer. He went from:

Corporate Affairs Manager


Senior Manager - Communications at a larger organisation.

Nikki had recently been pipped to the post for an internal promotion at the charity she worked for. She went from:

Content Editor


Senior Content Strategist at a larger nationally recognised charity.

Adrian is a contractor that had exhausted opportunities in his existing network. After participating in Get Job Market Ready he secured x3 new contracts in a row with brand new clients

Andrew was based in Scotland and was beginning to think he would not secure a similar role without lots of travel or relocation. After participating in phase 1 and 2 he went from

Senior Government Affairs Manager


Associate Director

At company with 100% remote working model meaning an even better work-life balance than before

Lolita had recently been promoted to Acting Head of Corporate Affairs. She secured a promotion at her employer


Associate Director, Corporate Affairs. We are now working together on phase 3.

Siobhan was a Masters student looking for a relevant part time role. After participating in Phase 1 'Get Job Market Ready' and Phase 2 'Get Appointed She secured a:

Part-time Research role on more flexible terms that initially offered

This is what we cover together

Jumping into a senior level job search without having first prepared mentally can significantly affect your chances of securing the right role. In this phase I show you how to...

Recruitment has changed. Those who don't know how to navigate today's job market are destined to waste many hours making applications for jobs that you will never hear back from. I am here to humanise your job search process, and help you avoid confidence crushing experiences by learning...

Now prepared and wise you can get ready to enter the senior level job market by...

I show you how to create and implement a job search campaign involving...

Getting a job offer is exciting and it is the time when you have the most bargaining power. Be ready to ensure your new role meets your needs by...

More Stories Of Talented Professionals That Have Secured That Next Big Role

Executive Level Contractor Secures Service Strategy Lead Assignment With Brand New Client Within 3-Months

A Senior Process and Service Improvement Specialist had recently concluded his first few assignments as a contractor. Work to date had been gained through referrals from his existing network. He now needed to grow and expand his network to reach new clients. After 2 'get it done' days where we reviewed his CV, created case studies, updated his LinkedIn and created his strategy for outreach he secured his next three assignments with brand new clients within 10-weeks. Following the successful completion of that assignment then secured a new contract with Unilever. πŸŽ‰

Content Editor to Senior Content Strategist Within 6-Weeks

A Content Editor at a national charity had been rejected for internal promotion but was so ready for a bigger role. After support through applications and interviews secured a promotion to Senior Content Strategist with a globally recognised national charity within 6 weeks. πŸŽ‰

Bid Finance Modeler to Senior Commercial Analyst Within 6-Weeks

A Bid Finance Modeler that had recently been made redundant, and was close to retirement, was getting interviews but no offers, and feared ageism was playing a part. After interview preparation coaching secured a Senior Commercial Analyst role within 6 weeks. πŸŽ‰

Communications Contractor Relocating To UK Lands London Contract within 9-Weeks

A Pharma Communications Contractor that had recently returned to the UK was getting interviews but no offers, after interview preparation coaching landed a lucrative London contract within 9-weeks. πŸŽ‰

Masters Student Secures Part-Time Research Role Within 8-Weeks

A Masters student at City University London wanted an appropriate part-time role but was experiencing high anxiety. After job search, interview and negotiating coaching along with NLP coaching to build confidence, secured a part-time research role highly relevant to degree, within 8-weeks and on more flexible terms than originally offered. πŸŽ‰

English As A Foreign Language Instructor Changed Career To Become A Student Co-ordinator within 3-Months

A English as Foreign Language Instructor wanted to move into education administration, but was hearing nothing back from applications. After coaching on making effective applications and performing at interviews secured a role as a Student Coordinator within 3-months. πŸŽ‰

Teams in Transition Can Benefit Too...

Within 6-Weeks Of Redundancy Consultations Concluding 6 Team Members Secured New Roles.

A communications team were working at a company that had recently been acquired. The enlightened director hired Successful Candidates to deliver a face-to-face version of Get Appointed with his team of 7 who were at risk of redundancy to help enable continued high performance during period of significant change and to ensure they were all prepared to secure new roles either within the new organisation or externally. Within 6-weeks of consultations concluding: 4 participants had been promoted externally, 1 had been promoted internally, 1 secured a transfer. 1 had gone on maternity leave. In contrast some employees made redundant that did not participate have yet to secure a new position 3 months on.

Be Successful In Your New Role