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What Makes SA HSLA Unique?  

High school at SA is a new world: new friends, new subjects, new goals. The opportunities at Success Academy’s three high schools — in and out of the classroom — outshine even NYC’s most elite schools. With so many ways to push yourself academically and socially, you're destined to find your place

Only at SA

Starting freshman year, you can apply for opportunities not found elsewhere, like our Summer Experience Fellowship. Study at a selective college, backpack in the wilderness, learn coding, or pursue your passions. Costs (typically $4,000–$8,000) are covered by SA.

Amazing Academic Access

You'll access the highest-quality academics, including 10+ Advanced Placement courses, from Art History to Global Literature. About 60% of our students go on to major in STEM, taking classes that include Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, pre-med, and AP Calculus.

Extraordinary Arts & Athletics

Choose from dozens of student-led clubs and competitive teams, including crowd favorites Afrobeats dance, theater tech, and basketball. HSLA scholars have toured the estate of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, quizzed Hamilton playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, and debated at Harvard.

Exceptional College Prep

You’ll have personalized counseling, free SAT prep, and expert help with financial aid applications. The ratio of counselors to scholars is 1 to 70 (at Stuyvesant, it’s 1 to 283!).  We’re proud that 96% of our Class of 2022 graduates were accepted to at least one college that meets their full financial need.

The SA K-12 Advantage

One of the great advantages of Success Academy is its integrated K-12 model that ensures each grade holistically builds on the skills, knowledge, and mindsets that scholars have developed in prior years. 


You’ve been learning the work and study habits needed for college from day one — time to take your readiness to the next level!


Faculty and counselors will work closely with you to navigate the complicated college process.


By graduation, you’ll be a leader, a strong voice, and someone who knows what they want. 

Stand Out Stats


    of HSLA graduates have been accepted to         4 year colleges


of our graduates attend selective and highly selective colleges and universities 


of HSLA graduates from last year received at least one acceptance offer to a college that met full financial need


of seniors score above 1200 on their SATs, compared to 28% in NYC district schools


of HSLA graduates take at least one Advanced Placement course; last year, 73% of seniors graduated having passed at least one 


SAT prep and pre-college summer programs at elite campuses save families thousands of dollars

​​​​​​The HS Placement Process

All rising ninth graders will participate in the SA High School Placement process by filling out an online form and ranking the three high schools in order of preference. Scholars will be matched to a high school based on their rankings and the available seats at each school.


“At HSLA, I feel both empowered to make my own decisions but also supported by my teachers. Our teachers are dedicated to guiding us through life as mentors.”

Muniratu Tawfiq
12th Grade
SA HSLA - Manhattan