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Become a Substitute Teacher!

Substitute teaching is a flexible, fun, and critically important job that allows you to make an immediate impact on students and schools in your community. It's also a great way to explore a career in education--whether you're right out of college, or looking for your next professional adventure. As a substitute teacher, you get to chart your own course, working in the schools, grade levels and subjects that you choose.

"Subbing can be rewarding. It's a good way to "test drive" teaching and discovering the age level and curriculum that works for you. You can also see different types of classroom management & organization and find ones that work well for you." - WCCUSD Substitute Teacher

To get started substitute teaching, you'll need:

  • A Bachelor's Degree (or are a current college student with 90+ units)

  • Basic Skills Requirement - There are 8 ways to qualify - Click HERE

  • Fingerprinting / Background Check

Check out our INSTRUCTIONS for becoming a substitute teacher in WCCUSD.

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Here are step by step directions about how to become a substitute teacher in our district.



Day to Day Substitute $250 day

Long Term Substitute $280 day

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