Leader & Volunteer Resources




World Thinking Day

Badges and Journeys - All Levels

Meeting Resources

Spreadsheet full of slide decks, videos and other resources for a variety of badges across levels. (Not maintained by SU 51-02)

Girl Scout Activities

GS Activities Spreadsheet

Maintained by our SU. Links and ideas for custom patch resources, virtual activities/games, Service Ideas, NoVa local places, overnights, fundraising ideas, other national programs and activities.

Leaders are required to take level training when their troop bridges to a new level. Leaders and Money Managers take Troop Money Manager training every year. Directions on how to access GS Learn

GSCNC provides a variety of tools for managing your troop, including meeting plans. Directions for accessing VTK.

Check Safety Activity Checkpoints for guidance on activities.

Each troop has a custom link to a Google form to upload completed documents for your troop. This puts documents into a folder just for your troop. Only specific members of the SU team can access your uploaded documents. Scan completed, signed forms or take a close up photo. Upload the photo to the correct section of your custom troop Google form link.

SU Team Forms