AOS 90 - Technology Plan

Creating a comprehensive technology plan is vitally important as a management tool for technology coordinators. Schools need vision and direction if they are to accomplish sound technology curriculum integration goals and strategies for highest student achievement. Teachers, administrators, and students must buy in to the plan in order for it to succeed. All students and faculty should be aware of just where the technology dollars are going and the focus of the technology. In order to justify the high cost of technology and technology staffing, everybody needs to be a stakeholder. Technology coordinators must take the leadership role in supervising technology plan proposals and eventual implementation.

It should be a dynamic document designed to last 3 years revisions are expected and encouraged. Most important is that the technology plan must be useful and realistic.

Technology planning also focuses on maintaining a site-based training plan. Technology coordinators must be acutely aware of budget issues and budget preparation. Understanding technology needs and how to spend dollars wisely can have a very positive or devastating effect on a school's future. Finally, one of the ways a technology coordinator can actively seek technology dollars and help student achievement is to search and help teachers submit grants. Grants are often a good way to promote innovative strategies in the classroom.

Maine DOE - District Learning Technology Plans

Guidance on District Technology Plan Development for 2017 – 2018 and 2018 – 2019