The Bodman Memorial Lecture Series

The Bodman Memorial Lecture Series began in 2012 to honor the memory of Professor Herb Bodman, a founding member and first elected president of SERMEISS. The lectures alternate between Fall and Spring meetings.

Spring 2012

Dr. Curtis Ryan

Appalacian State University

"Regional Priorities after the Arab Spring from Pan-Arabism to the New Arab Cold War

Spring 2013

Dr. Michael Herb

Georgia State University

"Stumbling Toward Constitutional Monarchy in Kuwait

Spring 2014

Dr. Sheila Carapico

University of Richmond

"Political Aid and Arab Activism: Democracy, Promotion, Justice, and Representation"

Spring 2015

Dr. Caroline Williams

College of William and Mary

"The Orientalist Paintings of John Frederick Lewis: Further Reflections on Reality"

Fall 2015

Dr. John Alden Williams

College of William and Mary

"Islamic Studies: AView of the Past and Present"

Spring 2016

Dr. Vincent Cornell

Emory University

""The Terrible Logic of Natural Law: The Cosmic Shari'a in the Rasa'il of the Brethern of Purity and Sayyid Qutb's Ma'alim fi al-Tariq"

Fall 2018

Dr. Michaelle Browers

Wake Forest University

"Gramsci in Arabic: The Organic Intellectuals of Socialist Lebanon