Teacher Welfare Committee

Joint Interpretation Bulletins - directly from the Central Table Bargaining Table, these bulletins outline the implementation and interpretation of clauses bargained centrally during the last round of bargaining. Please download and review.



Darla Clark - Chair

(Vacant) - Bon Accord

Tara Kieser - Camilla / Colony

(Vacant) - Central Office

Kristine Wilkinson - Gibbons

Lisa Morris - Guthrie

(Vacant) - Landing Trail

Nadina Braz - Lilian Schick

(Vacant) - Learning Centers

Meagan Kuik - Morinville Public

Mike Paustian - Namao

Melanie Buckley - Oak Hill

Jennifer Geleta - Ochre Park

Sherri Devolder - Redwater

Nijel Lindsay - Sturgeon Composite

Taryn Donald - Sturgeon Heights

Corey Conroy (ex officio)

Our Economic Policy Committee will be working hard negotiating on our collective agreement at the local level this year starting on October 5th with another date scheduled for October 10th. Centrally there was an agreement with the Alberta Teachers Association, the Provincial Government and the Alberta School Board Association at the end of the school year.

The Negotiating Sub Committee went to Summer conference in Banff this August and learned about assignable time, what is included and what is not, gained excellent experience and had an opportunity to talk with other people from different divisions.

The EPC continues to work for teachers and will be hosting meetings with focus groups (ie. subs, administrators, part time teachers etc.) and providing information sessions this year. Specifically one on Retirement which will be arranged in the coming months. We may look at sending out a small survey to ensure we are negotiating on what our members want. There will be many meeting this year to ensure we are representing our members to the best of our ability and reporting on information about negotiations when available.

We have a very dedicated committee with one representative at each school. If you have questions please speak with your EPC representative and call Barnett House.

Thank you to all our our members for giving us valuable information when asked and to our Committee who represent you and do what is best for our members on your behalf.

Have a great year,

Darla Clark

EPC Chair

Assignable Time Calculator


Assignable Time Calculator

Sturgeon Division Calendar 2018/19

Technical Note(s):

1. The spreadsheets have been created on Excel and are only supported for use with Excel, on both Mac and PC.

2. ChromeBooks (Google Sheets) are not supported.

3. Users can change column widths and can copy/paste information from a cell on one sheet to an another cell on a different sheet (useful for copying timetable information from one day to another).

Day Counts

Mondays - 35

Tuesdays - 40

Wednesdays - 39

Thursdays - 39

Fridays - 27

Date 2017 10 12

To Economic Policy Committee Chairs

From Sandra L Johnston, Coordinator, Teacher Welfare

Re Assignable and Instructional Time Calculators

Please see the attached assignable and instructional time calculators for your use. I encourage you to use them in your member education activities and to monitor your employer’s application of the Central Table Memorandum of Agreement. Please note that EPCs can fill in the school’s or the school jurisdiction’s calendar information before sending out the calculators. The calculators are also being posted on the member’s only bargaining section of the ATA website.

If a teacher believes he/she is over the instructional or assigned time cap, or calculates a different amount than the school or jurisdiction, the first step should be to discuss the discrepancy with school based administration. Before meeting with administration, teachers may ask an EPC member to review their calculations. If the conversation with school administration does not solve the issue and the teacher believes he/she is over the maximum assigned or instructional time cap, a grievance may be filed. As a professional courtesy, and to ensure compliance with the Code of Professional Conduct, the teacher will want to inform school administration of his/her intent as well as contact Darla Clark at epcchair@sturgeonteachers.ca or 780-886-8087.

If there is a ratified local agreement in place, the grievance should be filed under the Central Table Grievance Procedure in the Central Table Memorandum of Agreement. If there is no local agreement, that provision is not in effect and the grievance will need to be filed under the current, bridged local grievance procedure. Any member who wishes to file a grievance should be directed to call Teacher Welfare for advice. If the EPC believes this may not be an isolated issue, but may affect other teachers in the bargaining unit, you should discuss filing a policy grievance with your RBA.

Clearly, as per Joint Interpretation Bulletin No 1 Question 19, the 907 and 1200 hours is a cap and not a target:

Exceeding 1200 Hours: The 1200 hours teacher assignable time is the maximum assignable time that a teacher can be assigned. A teacher may not be assigned more than 1200 hours of assignable time and the jurisdiction cannot pay additional compensation. Jurisdictions are encouraged to provide for flexibility in scheduling instructional and assignable time so that no teacher exceeds the maximum time caps.


Tips & Info

Maximum Contribution Rates for 2017

CPP - $2 564.10

EI - $836.19

Returning to Work after Maternity/Paternity Leave?

You must inform Human Resources of the date you will return to work even if you are not extending your leave, no later than 4 weeks prior to that date. This is governed under our Collective Agreement in Clause 13.4.4.