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Update for 2018/19

PD Grants Update - if you received a PD Grant in our first year of this new model, you are now eligible to receive a grant again! If you received a grant last year, you are not able to submit an application again until next year.

International PD Update - We are providing three teachers with a grant of up to $2000 to pursue Professional Development outside of BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The process is exactly the same as the standard PD Rebate Fund in terms of application, approval and claiming. However, recipients will be required to share their knowledge by delivering a workshop at the Sturgeon Institute Day. We will also be working with Central Office to maximize supports for members to attend their PD.

As always, teachers can apply for PD funds for conferences, courses, vocational programs, workshops, and other opportunities that advance their professional practice. If successful, applicants will receive the funds at the finish of their conference, course or workshop.

All PD Rebates have a deadline of Sept 30, 2018.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to the PD Chair Kari Morgan at

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International PD Rebate

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Professional Growth Plan Resources

Section 11.3 in the recent Central Table Agreement that pertains to the Teacher Professional Growth Plan further clarifies the professional function of the plan and the primacy of the teacher’s judgement in developing the plan through the following language:

11.3 Teacher Professional Growth Plan

    • a) Teacher Professional Growth Plans will consider but will not be required to include the school jurisdiction’s goals.
    • b) The teacher professional growth process, including dicussions between the teacher and principal on the professional growth plans, will continue to take place.
    • c) School jurisdictions and/or schools are not restricted in developing their own staff development plan in which the school jurisdiction and/or school may require teachers to participate.

The plan is to be submitted for review or approval early in in the fall and is also reviewed at the end of the year. A teacher who does not complete a plan may be subject to discipline. A growth plan may include mentorship or supervision of a student teacher and may be a multi-year plan.

The detailed requirements for an annual teacher professional growth plan (TPGP) are outlined in the Provincial Policy 2.1.5 Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Policy of Alberta Education.

The Alberta Teachers’ Association has developed the following instructive and informative tools and resources intended to help teachers develop a professional growth plan. The tools and resources have been organized into five sections:

NEW Try the digital, interactive Self-Reflection on My Professional Practice tool.