Diversity, Equity & Human Rights



Dani Tighe - Chair

(Vacant) - Bon Accord

Laura Ragosin - Camilla/Colony

(Vacant) - Central Office

Heather Ebbers - Gibbons

Laurie Bonneteau - Guthrie

Jay-Ann Leskiw - Landing Trail

(Vacant) - Lillian Schick

(Vacant) - Learning Centers

Megan Kuik - Morinville Public

(Vacant) - Namao

Derek Corse - Oak Hill

Heather Gillison - Ochre Park

(Vacant) - Redwater

Kerri Meadows - Sturgeon Composite

Amanda Ohm - Sturgeon Heights

Corey Conroy (ex officio)

October 2017:

  • Did you know that the ATA has some great resources for teachers to help with FNMI reconciliation? Check them out at Walking Together.

May and June 2017:

  • Come One, Come All! DEHR is inviting Sturgeon Teachers to join us and walk in the Pride Parade!
  • June 10th on Whyte Ave.
  • Participants must register using the link.
  • We have 50 spots available.
  • The link to register is https://goo.gl/forms/8yR0u5nUrHUuZ1gu2

November 2016:

  • November 13-19 is Peace Week in Sturgeon Schools. Each of our schools will be celebrating Peace week with a variety of activities. One of the main activities will be creating a Peace Pole! More information on the Peace Pole Project visit: http://www.peacepoleproject.org
  • Schools can help celebrate Peace Week by accessing the resource links found on this page.

October 2016:

  • All Sturgeon Schools received levelled books with topics of Sex and gender minorities, if you are not sure where to find them please talk to your library or administrators. If you have any questions about these books please email. For more information about the books please click here.

Peace Pole Project Resources