This week at a glance

Week of October 15-19

It's Digital Citizenship Week at SHS!!


Language Arts - Time to work on Breadwinner projects; starting to read Parvana's Journey during DEAR this week.

Math - Test for students away last week. Continued work on classifying triangles and finding missing interior angles in triangles and quadrilaterals.

Social Studies: The election process, starting class council election campaign


Math - review and practice activities for triangles and multiplication

LA - keyboarding, spelling work time, regular library visit at 9:15; spelling and grammar with Mrs. Fahl

Social: no social today

Science: no science today

French- quiz on Avoir, Etre and Faire


Math -

LA - working on projects for The Breadwinner novel study

Science - Trees and Forests - Watching slideshows from students who were absent; reviewing photosynthesis and working on photosynthesis cartoon assignment

French- discussing sports using jouer and faire

Other -


Math - problem of the week

LA - working on Breadwinner projects; due at end of class today

Social: Digital citizenship activities with our grade 2 buddies during our Social block

Next Current Events due October 22

Science: nutrient cycle, review of transpiration and photosynthesis, work time for cartoon assignment



Hamburgers in snack shop today

LA - Parvana's Journey during DEAR

Math - station rotation activities and guided math

Science - work time to finish photosynthesis cartoon

RICE today

Upcoming events:

  • Junior Band Camp - NEXT Monday, October 22 (optional but highly encouraged)
  • Telus World of Science field trip for Sky Science - December 10