"The Golden Ticket"

Studio Five Dance Company Recital 2019


Fuquay Varina Arts Center

123 E. Vance Street

Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526


June 1, 2019






ticket information

Members receive 2 free tickets per family. You will be limited to 4 tickets per dancer for the first week. This ensures that all dancers have the opportunity to have a cheering squad in the audience. After one week we will open up all remaining tickets to first come/first served.

See your monthly newsletter and recital ticket email (emailed on April 25, 2019) for the code.

Tickets can be purchased HERE beginning on April 29th.

Tickets are $10 each.

dress rehearsal schedule

May 30th


Tippy Toes Monday 5:30pm Ms. Meghan

Tippy Toes Tuesday 5:00pm Ms. Kasey

Tippy Toes Tuesday 6:00pm Ms. Kasey

Tippy Toes Wednesday 5:30pm Ms. Rachel

Tippy Toes Wednesday 5:45pm Ms. Jackie


Hip Hop I Wednesday 6:30pm Mr. Ivan

Boys Hip Hop Wednesday 5:45pm Mr. Ivan

Hip Hop II Wednesday 7:15pm Mr. Ivan

Beg. Modern Wednesday 5:00 Mr. Matthew


Beg.Tap Wednesday 5:00pm Ms. Rachel

Clogging II Wednesday 8:00pm Ms. Rachel

Clogging I Wednesday 7:15pm Ms. Rachel

High Five Buddies Wednesday 5:00 Ms. Jackie


Teen/Tween Jazz Thursday 8:15pm Ms. Danielle

Teen/Tween Lyrical Thursday 7:30pm Ms. Danielle

Adult Hip Hop Wednesday 8:00pm Mr. Ivan

May 31st


Tippy Toes Thursday 5:30pm Ms. Erin

Tippy Toes Thursday 5:30pm Ms. Erin

Tippy Toes Friday 6:00pm Ms. Jackie

Tippy Toes Saturday 9:00am Ms. Kasey

Tippy Toes Saturday 9:00am Ms. Erin

Tippy Toes Saturday 9:00am Ms. Meghan


Teen Ballet Monday 5:00pm Ms. Lori

Ballet IV/V Monday 7:15pm Ms. Lori

Liturgical Saturday 9:45am Ms. Allison

Ballet I/II Friday 7:00pm Ms. Lori


Purple Ballet Friday 5:30pm Ms. Lori

Emerald Ballet Tuesday 5:00pm Ms. Jackie

Ruby Ballet Friday 6:00 Ms. Allison

Ballet III Tuesday 7:15pm Ms. McKenzie


Beg. Pointe Tuesday 8:45pm Ms. McKenzie

Advanced Pointe Monday 8:45pm Ms. Lori

Adult Clogging Monday 8:15pm Ms. Jenni

Adult Tap Tuesday 7:30pm Ms. Meghan

Adult Jazz Tuesday 8:15pm Ms. Meghan

recital schedule

10am SHOW


Tippy Toes Tappy Feet - Mondays 5:30pm

Tippy Toes Tappy Feet - Tuesdays 5:00pm

Tippy Toes Tappy Feet Jazzy Hands - Tuesdays 6:00pm

Tippy Toes Tappy Feet - Wednesdays 5:30pm

Tippy Toes Tappy Feet Jazzy Hands - Wednesdays 5:45pm

Tippy Toes Tappy Feet - Fridays 6:00pm

Lean on Me

Piece by Piece

11:30am SHOW


Tippy Toes Tappy Feet - Thursdays 5:30pm

Tippy Toes Tappy Feet - Thursdays 6:30pm

Tippy Toes Tappy Feet - Saturdays 9:00am

Tippy Toes Tappy Feet - Saturdays 9:00am

Tippy Toes Tappy Feet Jazzy Hands - Saturdays 9:00am



Jet Set

Wake Me Up

1:30pm SHOW


Emerald Ballet, Tap, Clogging, Jazz, Lyrical

Purple Ballet, Tap, Clogging, Lyrical, Modern, Jazz

Ruby Ballet, Tap, Jazz

Little Hip Hop Troupe

Little Musical Theater Troupe

Adult Clogging

Adult Hip Hop

Adult Tap

Adult Jazz


Hip Hop I

Ballet I/II

High Five Buddies (weekly class)

Clogging I

Purple and Emerald Solos/Duets/Trios

4:00pm SHOW


Pink Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern

Platinum Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary

Teal Jazz, Lyrical, Modern

Teal/Platinum Ballet

Teen Clogging (2 dances)

Teen Hip Hop Troupe

Teen Musical Theater

Clogging II

Hip Hop II

Beginning Tap

Beginning Modern

Boys Hip Hop

Teen/Tween Jazz

Teen/Tween Lyrical

Advanced Pointe

Beginning Pointe

Senior Solos

Act III - Pink/Platinum/Teal Solos/Duets