IoT Ideation Cards

A personalisable deck of cards to conceptualise IoT products

Getting started - a hands on guide to start ideating

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Internet of Things ideation

Idea generation in an 'internet of things' space is very often linked to technology. The IoT ideation cards want to change this tech-driven perspective to a more humane and context driven one. Doing so, the conversation around IoT products and services broadens, allowing more people to be involved in defining internet connected products that people want to use in their day to day lives.

The cards were created with flexibility in mind. That means they make sense in experienced teams, but can also be used in an open workshop setting.

On these pages, we provide some ways to get started yourself. Besides that, we are available to chat about organising on-site sessions or other formats. Be sure to reach out for any questions that surface!

Meaningful connected products

By providing a way to ideate internet of things products without primarily focussing on the technological possibility or feasibility, our goal is to contribute towards more meaningful products. In order to create products with meaning, a thorough understanding of the context of use is essential. The IoT ideation cards help in making that context of use more tangible.

Design systems, not features

When creating an internet of things product, a though challenge is to think beyond the 'if this then that' paradigm. Designing with the complexity of more than one input, more than one output and some complex processing in between is not straight forward. By deliberately visualising the whole system network using the IoT ideation at design time, designing with systems becomes more accessible.

The IOT ideation cards were created by Studio Dott in collaboration with Know Cards