DIOTTO is a collaboration between three companies, Studio Dott, Sensolus and Waylay. The project aimed to define an internet of things product in an e-wellbeing context, starting from the context of use of seniors and caretakers. This user centered design process resulted in ÇAVA, a product concept that has a primary focus on social interaction between informal caretakers and seniors.


The conceptualisation of ÇAVA originated from the observation that, in elderly care, there is a strong focus on providing caretaker centered products and services. The innovation brought by ÇAVA is that the system supports both seniors and caretakers in their day to day lives. Within a senior care context, ÇAVA provides a meaningful product for both senior and their carers that supports social contact. This is achieved through photo and message sharing on one hand, and monitoring everyday activities on the other hand.

The senior perspective

ÇAVA provides access to digitally shared pictures and allows to comment and react on those pictures using text and/or voice comments. These pictures are displayed on an interactive picture frame in the senior's home.

The caretaker perspective

From a caretaker perspective, non intrusive activity data is captured. This is done by monitoring the senior's interactions with the photoframe (screen & button taps, comments given).

More precise monitoring can be achieved by adding motion sensors to everyday household objects such as the refrigerator door or a TV remote control. Based on the data captured, the caretaker can be presented with subtle notifications and suggestions.