Placement Exams

Did you miss placement exams?

We are now accepting video submissions for anyone who missed our in-person exam dates

What are placement exams?

We believe that to achieve optimal progress, kids should train at the appropriate level. By taking a placement exam, we can evaluate their skills and place them in the best possible class for them.

EVERYONE who wants to take a class at level 2 or higher is required to take a placement exam. You do not have to take them if signing up for a level 1 class.

After you are placed in the correct level, you will be further evaluated by the instructor during the first 2 weeks of class to score you in various skill areas. These scores will be compared with your examination scores at the end of the semester so you are able to see the areas with the most growth and track your progress.

What do I prepare?

Click on the individual links below to see what to prepare and what to wear for each discipline.

Dance: ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop, and students auditioning for Company.

Voice: for all students taking group voice or auditioning for Company. Not required for doing private lessons unless they are in the Pre-professional program opting to do private voice instead of group voice.

Acting: for all students wanting to take a higher level acting class. Required for all students in the Pre-Professional program, Auditioning for Company, or in the Extension program for Acting or Voice.

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