Warrior 2 Warrior

What is "Warrior 2 Warrior"?

Created by Westerville North Senior, Kendall Wright, Warrior 2 Warrior (W2W) is a student mentoring program for Westerville North's upperclassmen who wish to mentor other students at the school. Through the help of Kendall's advisors, Mrs. Elisabeth Baryon (Librarian) and Mrs. Kristina Cameron (ESL Teacher), W2W will be available year-round. Mentors and mentees in W2W work together to establish S.M.A.R.T goals. With sessions offered during school, after school, and outside of school, the mentor and mentee have a flexible schedule where they can work together to accomplish their goals. Through W2W, mentees receive the academic assistance they need and mentors will receive community service hours. Kendall's vision for Warrior 2 Warrior is to bring together the Westerville North community in an educational and impactful way.


Want to know more about W2W? Watch this video!