Info for Incoming Students

Registering for Band Class

Thank you for your interest in the Geisler Middle School Band Program! The first step to ensure that you are able to participate in Band at GMS is to register for the class. If you have questions about class registration, the guidance counselors at GMS can help. Their email addresses are:

Ann Marie Rutherford -

Amanda Hart -

Obtaining an Instrument/Rental Night Info

The easiest way to obtain an instrument is to rent an instrument. Instrument rental programs are the most convenient and affordable way to get your student started on his or her musical journey. We work closely Marshall Music in West Bloomfield because they rent only the highest quality band and orchestra instruments and they visit our school two times a week to service repairs and deliver supplies. The rentals come with free comprehensive maintenance, repair, and insurance coverage to guarantee you peace of mind while you rent. You are not required to rent an instrument through Marshall, but you may find that it is the most cost-effective and convenient.

There are two instrument rental nights scheduled in Walled Lake Schools. You may choose to attend either rental night. These are open-house/drop-in style meetings - you do not need to attend the whole time. There will be music store representatives and WLCSD music teachers available to assist you and answer questions. The rental nights take place on the following evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Cafeteria:

    • Monday, May 20 @ Geisler Middle School OR Tuesday, May 21 @ Smart Middle School

Please bring a picture ID and either a check book, credit card, or debit card. A down payment of the first month's rent will be due at the rental night, with regular monthly payments beginning in the fall. You will also need to purchase the accessory package, which includes the method book we use (Essential Elements for Band Book 1, a folding music stand, and instrument specific supplies).

If you are unable to attend either of the rental nights, you may contact Marshall Music to set up an instrument rental, or you can visit their website below to complete the rental process:

Marshall Music

(248) 661-1260

7470 Haggerty Rd.

W. Bloomfield, MI 48322

If You Plan to Purchase or Borrow an Instrument

If you do not plan to rent your instrument, please contact Ms. Helm or Mr. York so that we can assist you in purchasing a high quality instrument that will enable the student feels success in class and is built to last. There are many off-brand instruments available on the internet at a considerable cost-savings, but in our experience, these instruments rarely play in tune, break easily, and are not repairable - they are essentially "throw-away" instruments. We are happy to help you find an instrument that is high quality.

If you are unable to rent or purchase an instrument, Geisler Middle School has a limited stock of school-owned instruments. Please contact Mr. York or Ms. Helm as soon as possible to ensure that an instrument is reserved for you in the fall.

Questions? Contact Ms. Helm or Mr. York

Ms. Helm -

Mr. York -