2019-2020 Work Day Calendars

183 Non-Exempt: Campus Aides, Campus Clerks, CPR Instructional Assistant, Deaf Ed Interpreters, Speech Clerk and Campus Truancy Case Workers

183 Non-Exempt.pdf

184 Non-Exempt: Child Nutrition Workers

184 Non-Exempt (CN).pdf

187 Exempt:Teachers, RNs, COTAs, SLPs, SLPAs, Speech Therapists

187 Exempt.pdf

187+ Exempt: CTE-AG Teachers

187+ Exempt.pdf

187 Exempt: PAT Teachers

187 Exempt (PAT).pdf

187 Non-Exempt: High School Counselor Clerks, LVNs, CTE Clerk

187 Non-Exempt.pdf

190 Non-Exempt: Child Nutrition Managers, Child Nutrition Floating Managers, Child Nutrition Manager Trainees, Child Warehouse Managers

190 Non-Exempt.pdf

192 Non-Exempt: District Truancy Caseworkers, Denver Secretary

192 Non-Exempt.pdf

192 Exempt: Librarians, Elementary Counselors, Campus Social Workers, LSSPs, Head Start Mental Health Coordinators, Secondary SPED Counselors, Occupational Therapists, Elementary At-Risk Coordinators, Secondary At-Risk Coordinators, Assistant College and Career Advisors

192 Exempt.pdf

197 Exempt: Behavior Intervention Specialists, Deaf Ed Coordinator, Physical Therapists

197 Exempt.pdf

198 Non- Exempt: Head Start LVN

198 Non-Exempt.pdf

202 Exempt: Head Start Nurse, Curriculum Specialist - MTSS

202 Exempt.pdf

202 Exempt: Head Start Social Workers

202 Exempt (Head Start Social Workers).pdf

202 Non-Exempt: Middle School Counselor Clerks, District Translator/Interpreter

202 Non-Exempt.pdf

205 Exempt: Elementary Assistant Principals, Secondary Counselors, Diagnosticians, SPED Evaluation Specialist, District PIE Coordinator, High School Testing Coordinators, AT/Homebound Services Specialist, Bilingual Testing Facilitator, Communication Specialist

205 Exempt.pdf

205 Non-Exempt: Human Resources Specialist II, Substitute Coordinator

205 Non-Exempt (SUB COORD).pdf

205 Non- Exempt: Human Resource Specialist I

205 S Non-Exempt.pdf

207 Exempt: High School Band Directors

207 Exempt.pdf

210 Exempt: Middle School Assistant Principals, ESPED Coordinator/Diagnostician

210 Exempt.pdf

210 Non-Exempt: SPED Department Secretary

210 Non-Exempt.pdf

214 Exempt: SPED Social Workers, NTSH/Red River Assistant Principal

214 Exempt.pdf

214 Non-Exempt: Elementary Secretaries, SPED PEIMS/SHARS Secretary

214 Non-Exempt.pdf

218 Exempt: ROTC Instructors (11 month)

218 Exempt (ROTC).pdf

219 Non-Exempt: Middle School Secretaries, Support Techs, Curriculum Resource Center Clerks, Truancy Office Secretary, PAT Clerk, SPED Office Receptionist/Clerk

219 Non-Exempt.pdf

220 Exempt: Elementary Principals, High School Assistant Principals, Coordinator of School Administration, Curriculum Specialists, Curriculum & Program Specialist - Bilingual/ESL, Coordinator of Attendance and At-Risk Services, Instructional Technology Facilitators, PAT Supervisor, SPED System Analyst/Transition

220 Exempt.pdf

230 Exempt: SPED Curriculum Specialists, SPED Education Instructional Program Facilitator

230 Exempt.pdf

239 Non-Exempt: Year Round Employees, High School Secretaries/Receptionists, Child Nutrition Warehouse Supervisor, Inventory Specialist, Child Nutrition Technology Support, Child Nutrition Free & Reduced Lunch Clerk

239 Non-Exempt.pdf

240 Exempt: Year Round Employees, High School Principals, Middle School Principals, Child Nutrition Supervisor

240 Exempt.pdf

260 Exempt: Maintenance, Warehouse Workers/Drivers, Athletic Groundskeepers

260 Non-Exempt.pdf