Work Day Calendars

183 Non-Exempt

Campus Aides, Campus Clerks, CPR Instructional Assistant, Deaf Ed Interpreters, Campus Truancy Caseworkers

183 Non-Exempt.pdf

184 Non-Exempt

Child Nutrition Workers

184 Non-Exempt (CN).pdf

187 Exempt

Teachers, RNs, COTAs, Speech Language Pathologists, Speech Language Pathologist Assistants, Speech Therapists

187 Exempt.pdf

187 Non-Exempt

High School Counselor Clerks, LVNs, CTE Clerk

187 Non-Exempt.pdf

190 Non-Exempt

Child Nutrition Managers, Child Nutrition Floating Managers, Child Nutrition Manager Trainees, Child Nutrition Warehouse Workers

190 Non-Exempt (CN).pdf

192 Exempt

Librarians, Bilingual Testing Facilitator, Elementary Counselors, Campus Social Workers, LSSPs, Secondary SPED Counselors, Occupational Therapists, Elementary At-Risk Coordinators, Secondary At-Risk Coordinators, Assistant College & Career Advisors

192 Exempt.pdf

192 Non-Exempt

District Case Workers, Denver Secretary

192 Non-Exempt.pdf

196 Exempt

ROTC Instructors

196 Exempt (ROTC).pdf

197 Exempt

Head Start Facilitators, Behavior Intervention Specialists, Deaf Ed Coordinator, Physical Therapists

197 Exempt.pdf

202 Exempt

AG Teachers, PAT Teachers, Head Start Social Workers, Head Start Nurses

202 Exempt.pdf

202 Non-Exempt

Middle School Counselor Clerks, District Translator/Interpreter

202 Non-Exempt.pdf

205 Exempt

Elementary Assistant Principals, Secondary Counselors, Diagnosticians, SPED Evaluation Specialist, District PIE Coordinator, High School Testing Coordinators, AT/Homebound Services Specialist

205 Exempt.pdf

205 Non-Exempt

Human Resources Specialist II: Substitute Coordinator

205 Non-Exempt (HR).pdf

205 S Non-Exempt

Human Resources Specialist I

205 S Non-Exempt (HR).pdf

207 Exempt

High School Band Directors

207 Exempt.pdf

210 Exempt

Middle School Assistant Principals

210 Exempt.pdf

214 Exempt

SPED Social Workers, NTSH/Red River Assistant Principal

214 Exempt.pdf

214 Non-Exempt

Elementary Secretaries, SPED PEIMS/SHARS Secretary

214 Non-Exempt.pdf

219 Non-Exempt

Middle School Secretaries, Support Technicians, Science Resource Center, Attendance Office Secretary, PAT Clerk, SPED Office Receptionist/Clerk

219 Non-Exempt.pdf

220 Exempt

Elementary Principals, High School Assistant Principals, Coordinator of School Administration, Director of Fine Arts, Curriculum Specialists, Coordinator of Attendance & At-Risk Services, Instructional Technology Facilitators, PAT Supervisor, Secondary Admin At-Risk Coordinator, SPED System Analyst/Transition

220 Exempt.pdf

230 Exempt

SPED Curriculum Specialists, SPED Instructional Program Facilitator

230 Exempt.pdf

239 Non-Exempt

Year Round Employees, High School Secretaries/Registrars, SPED Department Secretary, Child Nutrition Department Secretary, Child Nutrition Warehouse Supervisor, Inventory Specialist, Child Nutrition Technology Support, Child Nutrition Free & Reduced Lunch Clerk

239 Non-Exempt.pdf

240 Exempt

Year Round Employees, High School Principals, Middle School Principals, Child Nutrition Supervisors

240 Non-Exempt.pdf

260 Non-Exempt


260 Non-Exempt.pdf