Kirby Chess Club

We meet each Monday school is in session and weather permitting from 3:10 until 4:00 p.m . Parents/ guardians must provide transportation and be on time to pick up students after our meetings. We will be learning and practicing Chess with a goal of participating in UIL Chess Puzzle competition later vin the year. Please encourage your student to practice chess puzzles. A link for that and other links to help your child learn chess is provided below. Chess builds logic, reasoning and critical thinking skills that are useful throughout their lifetime. We are looking forward to building a strong chess program here at Kirby!

*Chess Puzzles:

*The Chess Website - featuring puzzles, openings, and famous games:

*United States Chess Federation:

*Chess Kid - Play against a computer:

* - Play against a computer:

*How to read and write Algebraic Chess Notation:

*Math is Fun - Two player chess or play a computer: