At the CEC, we are able to offer most services you would find at any other repair shop. Our students perform the work under strict supervision from our instructors, who walk them through the process. With students performing the work there is some risk involved, but we minimize the risk as much as we possibly can. As such, we must ask that all customers sign a waiver releasing WFISD and the CEC (students and staff included) from any liability resulting from repairs we perform.

If you are interested in having us fix your device, please fill out the following form (that includes acceptance of the waiver) and we will contact you for more information and to arrange drop-off of your device.

We are accepting requests for repairs at this time. Due to the limited number of students that are capable of performing repairs, it may take more time for any repairs to be made.

Price List for Common Repairs*

Price List

*Cost is subject to change dependent on parts and availability. Any items that we repair will likely nullify any remaining warranty on the device, so it is recommended to visit a certified warranty center for devices that are still under warranty.