Love Your People & Advisement @ The STEM Academy

Welcome to The STEM Academy @ Bartlett's Love Your People & Advisement Program website! This website is a collection of resources that teachers, parents, and students can all use to learn more about the principles of Love Your People, connect with school resources, and access activities that will help students be more successful in school.

What is Advisement?

So why advisement, and why implement it in middle school? Simply put, advisement programs help schools better support students by building long-term mentoring relationships between teachers and students. Advisement gives students another trusted adult to go to for resources, support, and guidance. It also helps teachers ensure student well-being and success by building in time for individual conferencing and discussion with each student in their advisory group. For more information on the research and rationale behind middle school advisement programs, see the literature and links below!

How Schools Build A Positive Culture Through Advisory

Creating a Culture of Connectedness through Middle School Advisory Programs

Advice About Middle School Advisories

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