Jenna Nottingham

About Me

My name is Jenna Nottingham and this is my website. I am in the STEM Marin program at San Marin High School. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math. I applied to STEM in the hopes of growing my passion of Science and Math. I love pushing myself in my education and STEM has been a great way to do that. Visit the San Marin Website below to learn more about my school.

Sports have a part of my life before I was even born. Both of my parents played sports their whole life, and passed their genes on to me and my siblings. I play Volleyball, Basketball and run Track and Field for San Marin, and enjoy every minute of it. From ages 2-13, I danced at Love2Dance Studios, and competed on the All-Star team. Once I got to high school, I had to make the tough decision of not competing on the All-Star team so that I could participate in school sports, but I still dance at the studio when I have a chance.