Design Center

Above is the link to an order form used to order t-shirts and hoodies. The way the shirts or hoodies are printed will change the cost, having a design on only the front or back will cost less than having prints on both sides. Having a print on the sleeves will increase the cost. All costs are shown within the order form link above and should be made out to Norwell Robotics. Everything on the form must be filled out and put into Ross Kowalski mail box within the school. Any comments about the design or clothing should be placed in the notes section. Do not assume that the ones making the shirts know exactly what you want.


  • The order form is filled out and sent to the designated mail box
  • The design is made
  • The design is approved or denied by you
  • Remake design if need be
  • Shirts/Hoodies are made following what was placed onto the order form
  • A check to Norwell Robotics is made and handed in
  • You received the order
  • Tweet out a pic of you in your new garments with the hashtag #Norwellgarments

Return Policy

No Returns/Refunds. If you believe something is wrong with the order, please contact us at:

Team Captain

Mark Herman

Ross Kowalski

ross.kowalski@norwellschools.orgtoo bad.


Below are examples of shirts and hoodies that have been ordered and made by us.