Team Pages


Although we are all on team 348, there are different sub-teams, which help carry out all of the tasks needed for the team.

Robot Design

This team is for everyone who wants to design the robot. This team lays out the foundation of the robot, so that the build team can build it.


As the name implies, this team is meant for those who want to help raise money for all of our needs, like for parts for the robot, all of our trips, and more.


This team is what makes the robot function. The programmers, code the robot, which allows it to carry out all of the functions needed for the games, such as moving, and much more.

Media and Promotions

This team is meant for those who want to help promote the team 348 through social media, posters, and much more.


This team is for those who want to help our drive team out by giving them information about the other teams they are going to go up against. This usually involves asking other teams about what parts their robots are using, and how their team is doing in the games, and much more.


As the name implies, this team is for those who want to actually build the robot, and like the programming team, there literally would not be a robot if there was no build team.


This team is for those who want to go out and actually drive the robot. There are usually two drive teams, one team to play the games, and another as a backup team, or to fill in if the other team cannot play. There will also be times where both teams will play even amounts of games, like they would alternate games, so that it’s not unfair for those who are on the second drive team. There is also one person from the drive team, who will be the human player, and this person will do the things that the robot cannot do. One example is from the 2019 competitions, when the human player had to drop panels and balls through a hole in the wall, so that the robot could place the panels and balls into a spaceship.