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ACCESS Testing for ELL students is December 3-7.

ACCESS Test Schedule:

Monday, Dec. 7 - Listening Test (Grades 1-5)

Tuesday, Dec. 8 - Reading Test (Grades 1-5)

Wednesday, Dec. 8 - Writing Test (Grades 1-5)

Thursday, Dec. 9 - Speaking Test (Grades 1-5)

Friday, Dec. 10 - Speaking Test (Grades 3-4)

*Dec. 10-14 - Make-ups for students who were absent

*Kindergarten is done one-on-one with students. I will be doing one each day. Please contact me if you want to know when I plan to test your child. :)

For more information about ACCESS:


What does Mrs. Stachow do?

My job is to support students who speak and/or understand multiple languages. I believe bilingualism (or multilingualism!) is a huge asset to these students, but sometimes they need a little support to do their very best in school...and that's where I come in.

I do both push-in (staying in the classroom and co-teaching with the classroom teacher), and pull-out (taking small groups out of the room so we can customize instruction). I work with students who are not ELLs sometimes as well.

I work with grades kindergarten-5th grade. I love that I can work with students for multiple years and get to see them grow as learners and as people.

All About Me:

My name is Mrs. Stachow (Stake-oh). I am starting my 9th year teaching ELLs. I have been at Pleasant Prairie since 2010. I graduated from UW-Whitewater with a degree in regular education and ESL.

I live in Kenosha with my husband, our 4-year-old daughter, and our 1-year-old son. We also have a beloved cat named Mia. I love to go on walks, play with my kids, and go to the library!

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