Mrs. McKinnon

Room 119


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A Word About Reading Homework...

This year, the 5th grade classes will forego the nightly reading log in favor of another challenge. We will begin the Tower of Books Challenge! We cannot stress the importance of regular reading, but we want to encourage your children to read different authors, different genres, and different types of texts. We are hoping that this challenge elicits more enjoyment of reading rather than simply a chore to be done every night. Below, please take a peak at the challenge list. Hard copies will go home along with the parent letter and book "spines" within the first two weeks of school.

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Math Homework in 5th Grade

Math homework will also look a little different than fourth grade. The most important skill to help your children be successful in fifth grade and beyond is their ability to fluently multiply single up to 12 X 12. Therefore, students will be responsible for practicing their math facts each night. During the first week of school, your children will be assembling math toolkits (see image below). This kit will have a suggested schedule to follow for practice. During the course of the school year, we will schedule dates to assess progress.