For Teachers

Looking for online articles?

Try these websites. They are free, but you need to create a teacher log in:

Newsela - It’s the only platform purpose-built to get students not just reading but truly engaged with every word.

Smithsonian Tween Tribune - Each weekday, they scour the internet for age-appropriate news stories that will interest students in Grades 1-12, then invite them to take quizzes or post comments. All quiz scores are delivered automatically to teachers. All comments are approved by their teachers. All comments are approved by their teachers before they are published.

World Almanac Kids - Great source for information on a wide variety of topics. Featured topic changes each day.

You could also use the GVRL titles. You may select a section of the book and share it through Google Docs.

See me if you have any questions.

Oral Language and Literacy support - This is a website I created with a fellow student during my work for my Ph.D. You might find it useful.


Questions about morphology? This PowerPoint might answer some of your questions.