14th Annual Mahone Intramural Dodgeball Tournament

Friday February 23, 2018

Please click on the picture to start a slideshow from last year's dodgeball tournament!

2/23/18 Congratulations to the Legacy for beating Tune Squad to win the 14th Annual Mahone Intramural Dodgeball Tournament Championship. The Legacy were the second seed in the 8th grade division after round robin play to earn the 2th seed. Playing for the The Legacy were: R. Reget, Z. Reget, T. Reget, J. Reget, M. Milligan, Z.Paxton.

2/23/18-Dodgeball Day! Welcome to the 2018 14th Annual Mahone Intramural Dodgeball Tournament. All players and fans can enter the building at 4:30pm. Please do not try to enter any earlier. All players can take the spiral staircase down to the cafeteria. You will need to be dressed and ready at 4:45 in the cafeteria at your team table. Fans- $2 per student/adult, $5 for a family of 3 or more. NJHS free with ID. You will need to enter the gym through the balcony doors, down the balcony and steps, and into the gym to the bleachers. Players-all personal items cannot be locked in the locker rooms. You can put your personal items in the hallway by the custodial/library doors. These doors will be locked once the tournament starts at 5:00 with team intros. Good luck to all teams today!

2/19/18 Welcome to Dodgeball Week! An email was sent out to all dodgeball players this past Saturday. Please check your email to see the reminders about the dodgeball tournament this Friday. Remember, the building will not open up for players/fans until 4:30pm. Please do not try to get into the building any earlier.

2/13/18 We are no longer accepting new team sign ups. Please turn in any outstanding permission slips and online payments. We have 14 teams competing for this year's championship! Schedules are finalized. Here is the link to see your team's schedule Schedules. Also you can see the live results during the tournament here Results.

2/6/18 We have decided to extend the deadline to sign up for new team registration, permission slips, and online payments. The new deadline is now Friday Febraury 9th at midnight. Everything must be completed by this time to make sure your team is entered in this year's tournament.

When:Friday, February 23, 2018

What: 14th Annual Team Sign-Up Form

Hosted by:Mahone Intramural Club Where:Mahone Gymnasium 5:00 (intros)-~10:00

Doors Open at 4:30PM for Players and Fans.

$2 for admission, $5 for a family of 3 or more. Must get your hand stamped for entry and reentry. Full concessions will be available: Pizza, Hot Dogs, Chips, Candy, Water, and Gatorade. Kona Ice will also be here. NO CARRY INS will be allowed in the tournament!

All of these steps can be accessed by clicking on link below or on top of the page!

Team Entry Form- This information is filled out only by the captain and is needed to let us know who is on your team. Once you complete the form, your answers will be sent to us. Deadline-Friday February 9th at midnight. Team Entry Form

Permission Slips- Everybody on your team needs to complete a permission slip to enter the tournament. Once again, all of the information will be sent to us once completed. $20 per person also needs to be turned into Mr. D'Angelo or dropped off in his mailbox at Mahone. Deadline-Friday February 9th at midnight Permission Slip. Here is the link to the KUSD Web-Store to make an online payment. KUSD Web Store

Captains Creed (Captains only)- Only the Captain needs to read and fill out the form. Deadline-Friday February 9th at midnight Captain's Creed

Adult Volunteer Form- If an adult or parent would like to volunteer (concessions, ref, scorekeep, security, etc.), please fill out the adult volunteer form. Adult Volunteer Form

T-Shirts- All members of your team must dress alike. We have two options- On Time Tees and Sherry's Custom T's.

You will find out the schedule here when the field is completed.

Dodgeball Rules- please read the rules for the tournament

Check out the Tournament Flyer, History of past winners of the tournament and the Sign Up Flyer for more information.

Extra Information

Fill out the team entry form, all permission slips for each team member, and captain's creed.

Cost is $20 per person ($200 max) and can only pay through the KUSD Webstore on-line payment. Needs to be done by Friday February 9th at midnight.

Questions? You can call Mr. D'Angelo at 262-359-8120 or email at jdangelo@kusd.edu

Good luck and thanks for participating in this year's tournament!!