"Muy amable." ***

(That is) very kind, nice, friendly (of you).

Our LATEST Class Characters

el Big Mac

ilustrado por Holden Forgette

el pan

ilustrado por Ignacio Quevedo

el cactus caimán

ilustrado por Yomar Vaquera

el aguacate

ilustrado por Jacob Newhouse

el chicken tender

ilustrado por Carson Acker

la calabaza

ilustrado por Chloe Tellez

el velociraptor

ilustrado por Ian Ostrander

A wonderful website created by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) to promote language learning by "affirm(ing) the value of speaking another language, understanding another culture, and leveraging these highly sought and important skills in today's global economy."

  • Why learn another language?
  • Why learn specifically Spanish?
  • Video Testimonials from language learners
  • Posts written by students, educators and other professionals across sectors
Welchel, Erin. “Lead with Languages.” The Language Educator, 2018, pp. 18–19.

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