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Z-Space Online Training & Scope and Sequence

A nonpartisan, nonprofit “consumer advocate” for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics: University of PA.

Pulitzer Prize Winning fact checke of politicial ideas run by the Tampa Bay Times newspaper editor.

Over the last 20 year has come to be regarded as an online touchstone of research on rumors and misinformation.

All Sides: Balanced News's mission to "free people from filter bubbles so they can better understand the world and each other".

The Pew Research Center is an American think tank organization that provides information on issues, attitudes and trends shaping the the world.

Capital Research Center created a listing of fact-based, accurate descriptions of all of the various influencers of public policy issues

Sources for Creative Commons Licensed Images

Creative Common's licenses allow people to use images, audio, & video without contacting the creator for permission or paying for their use. You will NOT be violating copyright laws if you use these sites. If you use these images, you still to give source credit to the creator by writing their name and linking the image back to the page where you found it. Some images have permission to be reused as they are and some allow for modification, so take note of the type of license they have. Read this article: How to Use Creative Commons to Search for Images by Beth Dunn to understand the six CC licenses and how to give the creators credit.

If you aren't profiting off your multi-media creation, you can use any image, audio track, or video that has the license for:

  • Attribution-use it, modify it, but give the creator credit.
  • Share Alike-only use it if you are willing to let others modify and use your creation also
  • No-Derivs means you can use it but not modify it.
  • Non-Commerical means you can't use their creation and make a financial profit.

Here is how to give proper written credit to the creator of an image according to blogger Beth Dunn:

Unless otherwise stipulated by the image's author, there are two ways to appropriately attribute him or her to your redistributed image:

  • "Image by [name of author]." If you haven't modified or built upon the original image, this phrase -- or something like it -- suffices to give proper credit.
  • "This image was modified from [origin of image] by [name of author]." If you have modified the image from its original version, it's courtesy to say so in your attribution note.

This link is to "free to use with modification" Google Images. This is equivalent to Creative Common's Attribution & Share Alike license.

This link allows you to search for music, videos, as well as images that are licensed for use under Creative Commons.

Book Recommendation Sites:

The BiblioSanctum : a blog devoted to sci-fi, fantasy, and graphic novels.

Bookriot: top new YA books of many genres and themes