We're Just Kids!


Episode 1: Why do humans need water to survive?

Episode 1 Why Humans Need Water(1).mp3

Episode 2: The Snow Day

Episode 2 Snow Day.mp3

Episode 3: Interview with Mrs. Wall

Episode 3 Interview with Mrs. Wall.mp3

Episode 4: Poetry Slam

Episode 4 Poetry Slam FINAL.mp3

Episode 5: Is There Any Truth to Fairy Tales?

Episode 5: Is there Any Truth to Fairy Tales?.mp3

Episode 6: Would You Rather...

Episode 6: Would You Rather.mp3

Episode 7: Talkin' Slang

Episode 7: Talkin' Slang.mp3

Episode 8: Could You Live Off the Grid?

Episode 8: Could You Live Off the Grid?.mp3

Episode 9: Kids Talk Bullies

Episode 9: Kids Talk Bullies.mp3

Episode 10: Setting Records

Episode 10: Setting Records.mp3