MRs. Bassler, Here for You!

What I do at Pleasant Prairie?

The role of the school counselor is dynamic in that they work as part of a team to support the social and emotional growth of each student in the building. This growth is fostered through a variety of ways:

Classroom Lessons – Using the 9 core values adopted by our school district, each classroom receives a counselor lesson monthly that reinforces growth in these areas. This year we will also develop a strong "Growth Mindset" to encourage individual success. Look under SCHEDULE tab to see when your student will be receiving these lessons! I will also post RESOURCES for parents to promote social/emotional growth at home as well!

Small Group Counseling –Throughout the school year, several small groups are conducted on a variety of topics that both support and challenge students in an area of character development. These groups will be promoted through this website and parent permission is required as they are conducted during the academic day.

Individual Counseling – School counselors do not provide individual therapy within the school setting. However, there are many students that benefit from short-term individual support to work through areas of concern. As needed, I will support these students towards social/emotional skill mastery that will promote success within the academic setting.

Consultation with Staff/Parents – We are a TEAM! I am always looking to meet/talk with teachers and parents to help encourage student growth. I am well versed in community resources and programs available to PPE families that will support issues affecting children and families. Please check out the RESOURCE tab and contact me for more information.

Please feel free to contact me:

  • Heidi Bassler, School Counselor Pleasant Prairie Elementary School