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Course Objectives:

  • Evaluate video, sound and background information for inclusion in a finished broadcast product (Storytelling)
  • Interpret mass media information in relation to the source, media and agenda (Storytelling)
  • Comprehend, practice and utilize the basic skills of operating broadcast equipment (Technical Quality-Video & Audio)
  • Comprehend, practice and utilize the basic skills of editing video and audio, creating smooth transitions and cuts as well as audio that flows (Editing)
  • Determine the appropriate graphics to accompany each story, including correct lower-thirds for all interviewees (Graphics)
  • Examine the ethical, legal and copyright responsibilities/guidelines of broadcasters and broadcast journalists (Ethical, Legal & Copyright Responsibilities/Guidelines)
  • Understand group dynamics, expectations and responsibilities (Collaboration)
  • Practice proper use of video, studio and control room equipment (Professionalism)
  • Engage in professional behavior in and out of the classroom (Professionalism)