Physics and Physicists

I am Tushar Gopalka, a BS-MS student from IISER, Pune. On this Google site, I plan to upload the Latex notes of various courses as well as projects in theoretical Physics. I also plan to expand the site soon and upload stuff for undergraduates, which may help them for GRE and college admissions. Stay Tuned !!!

In India, one of the biggest problems for a school student is a lack of awareness about proper resources and texts. Hence, I plan to expand this website soon to include interesting facts about Physicists, and add references where you can read about their career. I have also included a page where I write about life in academia, since it will help young students gain perspective early in their career. I have personally known a lot of people who choose not to pursue physics, or other research arenas, and instead opt for Engineering simply because they are unsure of this path. I would try and shine some light for you on the path that leads you to research and hope that at least some fraction of people scrolling through this incomplete website opt for Research, instead of Engineering,