PE with Mr. B

Welcome Back!

I wanted to take a minute to welcome everyone back to good ole Harris Elementary!

My name us Mr. Bastin. This is my 24th year to teach in the Greenfield School system. I was a classroom teacher at Eden Elementary for 12 years, where I taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades, all subjects. Then, when the corporation went to the 4 tier system, I moved to Maxwell Intermediate, where I taught 6th grade math, and 7th/8th grade math to the QUEST class.

In the midst of all of this over the years, I did find time to marry my lovely wife Brandee, who is the Tobacco Initiative Coordinator for the county. We recently celebrated out 20th Anniversary, during the beginning days of the Pandemic. We have two wonderful children. Our kids both attend NPHS. Our son is a Senior this year and our daughter is a sophomore.

  • I wanted to share some exciting news too! I will have a cadet teacher from Greenfield Central High School. He will be here every other day for this grading period. His name is Mr. Gavin Atwood, the son of Mrs. Atwood, who taught 3rd grade here a few years back.

I have truly been impressed with the abilities of the young people I have been working with so far. They make every day more exciting than the last! Any time you need help with an assignment, or you just have a question, just shoot me an email or comment on this page. I will respond ASAP. I am truly looking forward to another wonderful year here at Harris!

And when it rains outside, we find exercises to do inside!