PE with Mr. B

Fitness Testing

If the kids have come home complaining about gym class, the reason for this is the fact that we have been doing some physical fitness testing in class. We start each period with a 5 minute run/jog/walk around the gym. This has been followed by push ups. In the beginning we were doing knees on the ground push ups. We have now moved to toes on the ground push ups. Next week we will begin doing sit-ups. We will wrap up this portion of the physical fitness testing the week before fall break. We will do this three times this year. I am trying to better motivate the kids to be active with things they can do at home. Feel free to ask them about it. I know how difficult it is sometimes to motivate our children. I have two of my own at home that present the same challenges, and mine are out of the elementary! Hang in there with me until after fall break. We will begin with the activities again. Thank you for al of your support, and sending me such wonderful kids!