Sponsor: Danna Drew

Signing Hawks (ASL) Club Meets

Mondays & Wednesdays

After School until 4:00

President: Clarissa Spitzley

Secretary/Treasurer: Briana Gerald

Historian: Cassidy Mahar

Club Coach: Danna Drew


Anna Jenks

Emily Poprawski

Austin Hodgin

Mackenzie Hein



Purpose of ASL Club

This club will serve as a place where people of all skill levels can learn and practice sign language while learning about Deaf culture. It will function as a non-formal class setting where people who want to learn sign language at Rossview High School can do so while joining a larger community of learners.

For fun and to connect with our community at large, we also learn how to perform songs in Sign Language. We present these at assemblies, local churches, nursing homes, and community events.


Everyone in the Rossview High School community is welcome to join, and we encourage anyone who wants to learn more about the language or about the Deaf community to participate. If you wish to join later in the school year stop by room F120 and talk with Ms. Drew. The Signing Hawks will make sure that you are comfortable and help you to learn sign language in a friendly and accepting environment.

Recommended Books

  • A Basic Course in American Sign Language

    • This is an awesome learning resource for self-study or group study. The lessons are well organized, clearly written, and have diagrams. It includes sentence structure lessons.

Learning Resources

This is a compilation of some of the best resources that we use to learn more. If anyone has contributions to this list, email us or let us know otherwise during club!

Excellent Online Dictionary


Bill Vicars

  • Great Place for vocab, grammar, and conversation

  • Runs

  • Some East Coat Dialectal Words

An Awesome Website to Learn ASL, and Better Understand Sign Language and Deaf Culture

ASL Anissa

  • Good ASL songs with tutorials

  • Interesting videos about being a hearing person interacting with the Deaf Community


Gallaudet Free Online Classes

ASL University

ASL Dictionary

Signing Savvy: Word of the Day

HandSpeak: Reverse Lookup (ASL to English)

Conversational Phrases and Idioms

Rochelle Barlow

StartASL: Some videos of Songs


1. To get-to-know wonderful people in the Deaf Community

2. To build new FRIENDSHIPS

3. To count to 999 on one hand

4. To chat at the movies

5. To talk with your mouth full

6. To talk across crowded room

7. To talk through closed windows

8. To easily communicate underwater

9. To talk at loud concerts

10. To WIN at charades