Ranger Tech Squad

The Ranger Tech Squad is a place meant to help every staff and student with any technological device.The RTS(Ranger Tech Squad) has a team of students and teachers who are ready to help with any problems faced by the student or the teacher. The RTS can help you with the following problems:

  1. They can fix your chromebook.
  2. They can help with any equipment needed for a class.
  3. They can also help with problems faced by other company devices.
  4. They can help you use apps.
  5. They can help you get a loner.
  6. You can charge your chromebook or Acer(Supplied by the school ) here.
  7. They can also help you with the wifi problems.
  8. If you are a new student, this is the place to solve all your tech problems.

The main teachers in the Ranger Tech Squad are:

  • Mr. Masciarelli
  • Ms. Mayone
  • Ms.Leach
  • Mr. Lang

These teachers are ready to help you with any problem, if the students in the RTS cannot help then they would be the best to go to.The teachers are specialized at their fields and are ready to face any problem you throw at them.

They can be contacted at:

Email us at rts@westboroughk12.org

Call us at extension 3166

Room D105

Contact us by hangouts at rts@student.westboroughk12.org