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Hello, welcome to the Patriot Post, May edition. We have several different pages for you to read with more information to come. On the Sports page you can find information and scores for our sports and more. On the Arts page you can find information about art, band, and choir. On the Groups page you can find information about student council, student of the month/patriot pride awards, book of the month, homeroom question, and a lot more. Thank you for viewing the Patriot Post.

Guess Who?

1. 5th grader, born in March, likes M+M's, Baseball, White Tigers, and Uno.

2. 6th grader, born in May, likes Kit-Kats, football, beef sticks, and life on the farm.

3. 7th grader, born in June, likes Kit-Kats, football, scorpions, and Call of Duty.

4. 8th grader, born in February, likes Jolly Ranchers, soccer, and dogs.

Last week's answers were Nathan Kern, Jaxson Guelde, Braden Hall, and Ashley Barton.

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