Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a great way to manage a digital classroom. First you create classrooms, students then join by using the unique class code for their class. Once students join, a folder is made in their Google Drive. Any documents you share with students will automatically save in their class folder. Teachers can create assignments, post announcements and even create questions and surveys directly from the class stream.

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What's new in Classroom

Back to School 2018 updates

New Classwork page—a page to make it easier to create, organize, and find work. You can now organize your curriculum assignments into units or modules, and reorder work to match your class sequence.

Materials on the Classwork page—You can add class materials on the Classwork page. This will support sharing and organizing resources like readings or reference materials.

Classwork page for existing classes—Moving forward, any new class that you create will automatically have the Classwork page. For any classes you created before the Classwork page was available, we’ll soon provide a way to add the Classwork page to them.

Copy and reuse classwork— easier to set up and reuse a class. Now you can copy all topics and assignments from one class to another. All work is copied as drafts, so you can make modifications before posting.

Improved People and Settings pages— consolidated information to help you get to what you need more quickly. You can view and manage co-teachers, students, and guardians on the People page. They introduced a Settings page for all class settings, so you have one convenient location to update class descriptions, display or reset class codes, manage and control how students post on the Stream page, and more.

Turn off notifications for a class— teachers often join each other’s classes as co-teachers to share content and teaching strategies. But, getting notifications for all activity in a class can get overwhelming. Now you can turn off all notifications for a given class.

  • *For students to see their assigned, graded, and missing work, go to the Your Work page.
  • *For teachers and students to see all assigned work, go to the Classwork page.

New grading tool— to help you save time grading. The grading tool has a built-in comment bank where you can save commonly used feedback. You can also easily toggle between student submissions when grading..

Coming Soon- Currently in Beta

Create quizzes in locked mode—You can use a locked mode to keep students focused when taking Google Forms quizzes on managed Chromebooks. They are adding the ability to create Google Forms quizzes from Classroom, streamlining the assignment process and saving time.