Chorale Auditions

Po-Hi Chorale Audition Information

Who: Any student who wished to be in the Po-Hi Chorale. Those previously enrolled in Chorale do NOT have to audition.

When: Auditions must be submitted by Friday, May 14th.

Where: All virtual--auditions are submitted online

What: For specific Chorale Audition requirements, see below.

Audition Process

Audition Information Form

  • All auditionees will need to fill out the form. See link above.

  • The form will collect information such as name, grade, and contact information

Recorded Audition

Each recorded audition will consist of two parts:

  1. Sight Reading (20 points)

    1. Use solfege or any other system to read the sight reading example to the best of your ability.

    2. Rhythm - 10 points

    3. Pitch - 10 points

  2. “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” (40 points)

    1. Sing the first verse only, a capella (just your voice)

    2. Pitch Accuracy - 10 points

    3. Rhythmic Accuracy - 10 points

    4. Tone - 10 points

    5. Breath - 5 points

    6. Intonation - 5 points

When the recorded audition is ready to submit:

  • Auditions can be in one audio file, or separately. Make sure to name the files in the following format:

    • LASTNAME.FIRSTNAME.CHORALE (If the sight reading and song are in different files, label them 1 and 2)

  • Submit the recordings to the dropbox by following the link. ( or clicking the button above.