The Monarchs Need Us

The North Muskegon sixth graders are making a "Monarch Waystation" (a place with necessary resources for Monarch butterflies on their migration route). This is a project was inspired by Monarch and the Muskegon Conservation District. The North Muskegon sixth graders became aware of this problem while walking outside, and learning about projects past sixth graders had done for the community. With the grant from G.L.S.I (Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative) we are planning a "kit" for North Muskegon residences willing to help with the project.

The North Muskegon sixth graders are also revisiting past projects that had been done to help the community that are a little less than perfect as of now (below). As the sixth graders plan the garden they will send out more Information on the North Muskegon Facebook page.

Monarch Migrations

Each year hundreds of millions of monarchs start the journey of over 3000 miles and every year 20 million die during the journey to mexico due to lack of resources needed by the . These Waystations are meant to resolve the problems.

Thank You To All Of Our Partners

Girl Scout Council Of Grand Rapids

And All The North Muskegon Residence Donating Their Land