The personality of Andersen.

Andersen, or "Andy" Hooper, born near Dallas Texas, is quite the strange individual. His apathetic and brutally honest personality makes him seem quite harsh most of the time- as a matter of fact, I myself think he is a bit cruel in his way of approaching problems and other people. He has an extremely cynical look on life, often diving into deep philosophical questions that most children of his age would never dare to ponder for extended periods of time. Maybe it's that he realizes the insignificance of life, overlooking the beauty and tranquility of it. He has never seen true beauty; never felt true love, other than maybe of course of his family of course. He holds humanity at an exceedingly low level, and holds himself even below that. Although he seems like an introverted pessimist who has given up on humanity at much to young of an age, he does see beauty where it is. He does seem to recognize that he has seen some of the lingering tranquility from before modern urban life to which he so utterly despises. He yearns for a deeper understanding of the meaning of life, not considering that there might not be one. In search, he attempts to fill his life with as much filler as possible. Simple fluff. He uses writing as a conduit to release his pessimism- to fill the empty black hole that is his satisfaction. He sometimes even believes that he may legitimately be scratching the surface of happiness- but he knows, somewhere deep, deep down, that for people like him, there is no happiness to be found. Personally, I think there is no euphoric ending to his dissatisfaction and emptiness. I honestly don't think he deserves it.

The following poems were found scattered among his journals. They were simply the most readable of his collection.