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Bringing self published works to people via the use of Creative Commons licenses.

Solutions to problems around us can be found by sharing and communicating ideas.

Our Objective: Explain creative commons licenses to Artists.

The objective of this project is to give balanced advice to artists on the advantages, disadvantages, risks and rewards that their use of Creative Commons licenses may involve. See our: wiki

Reform APRA.

Getting music artists in Australia to put pressure on APRA (collection society) to change the voting system. Currently for every 500 dollars that an artist or publisher collects, the artist or publisher gets one extra vote. With new technologies it makes sense to have equal voting rights for all members. Consider that the conditions that the board of APRA maintain, effect the way that members and non members deal with commercial and non-commercial spaces. Members of APRA are not able to use a Creative Commons license. Website

Hungry Artists Feed Hungry People. Artists giving up commercial rights for the use of their content to a charity of choice.

Artist Press Kit. Creating a press kit (media station) for artists, where the media comes to the artist rather than the artist going to the media.

ProfoundGroep. This Dutch blog has published an overview of just what Creative Commons and free open source photos can do for the creative community at large. Website

Create Incentives For Artists to be Artists. Encourage organizations/corporations to collect and distribute works that can be used in commercial streams. Encourage artists to license works allowing commercial use.

Titanic Radio. Why not bring Wiki, Creative Commons, Public Domain content together and make it available for broadcast through a wireless network to a device with unlimited channels ? Decentralized "broadcasting" network.

Bringing Free Culture to free Culture Spaces. It seems that many large towns or cities have some form of non-profit entertainment. Mostly these spaces bring published entertainment rather than art from the community.

Rawmedia. It would be nice to see a site happen where i could upload an interview and allow the person that i interview to login into a site and choose the CC license they would like the content "we" created to be licensed under.

Globebox. Giving up the funds that people receive when they get a recycling credit to a charity of choice.

Any feedback is much appreciated. jam@iarts.CC

If you want to be a part of any of these projects click on the "node" button and participate or goto the wiki site that some projects have. The idea is to see these ideas adapted to places, spaces, organizations, corporations.