UIL 2019

Concert Mixed

Varsity Mixed | Cindy Johnston, conductor

Hodie | McRae

1-02 Hodie

Daemon Irrepit Callidus | Orban

1-03 Daemon Irrepit Callidus

Every Night | Walker

1-04 Every Night

Concert Women

Varsity Treble | Cindy Johnston, conductor

Gretchen am spinnrade | Schubert

2-02 Gretchen am spinnrade

Silver Candles | Baska

2-03 Silver Candles

Fear No More the Heat O' th' Sun | Quilter

2-04 Fear No More Th' Heat O' Th' Sun

Concert Men

Varsity Tenor-Bass | Cindy Johnston, conductor

Let All Men Sing | Christopher

3-02 Let All Men Sing

I Believe | Beery

3-03 I Believe

Ra-Ta-Plan | Donizetti

3-04 Ra-Ta-Plan

Advanced Women's Chorus

Non-Varsity Treble | Parker Lessmann, conductor

Johnny Said, "No!" | Singh

4-02 Johnny Said No!

I Am Not Yours | Childs

4-03 I Am Not Yours

Sail Away | Dalglish

4-04 Sail Away

McKinney Men

Non-Varsity Tenor-Bass | Parker Lessmann, conductor

Come Travel With Me | Farthing

5-02 Come Travel With Me

When the Roses Come Again | Juneau

5-03 When the Roses Come Again

Star of the County Down | Perry

5-04 Star of the County Down

Bella Voce

Sub-Non-Varsity Treble | Parker Lessmann, conductor

El Vito | Crocker

6-02 El Vito

Gloria Fanfare | Farnell

6-03 Gloria Fanfare

For Now, I Know | Allsbrook

6-04 For Now I Know