MHS Musical - Sister Act

Running Thursday 2.8.18 - Saturday 2.10.18

7:00pm Performances @ McKinney NORTH High School

Get a Sneak Peak Here

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Area C Results

Congrats to all who auditioned this evening!

MHS 2018 All-Staters

Matthew Dexter - Bass 2 | Tenor-Bass Choir

Andrew Holmes - Tenor 1 | Tenor-Bass Choir

Maggie McGowan - Soprano 2 | Treble Choir

Sightreading Homework Guide

Make sure you see the GREEN "Secure" padlock in Chrome. If not, type "https://" before the URL, and ALLOW Microphone.

If all else fails, quit out of Chrome, restart your computer.

Head on over to and login using the code mckinneyhsc.

Go to Handouts & Files > Sightreading and open in a new tab.

Go back Home, then click Recording Studio > Assignments, and select one to work on.

Hit Record or Play to hear the tonic triad and your starting pitch.

Make sure to Rewind to the beginning before hitting Record for your performance.

Save Take when you're satisfied and wait for it to Upload to the bottom of the screen.

You are welcome to record as many takes as you'd like, but make sure to submit.

You are welcome to complete posted, future assignments early.

Forms and Fee Due

All forms and fees are now past due and may be paid online through Charms.

Should forms not make their way home, you may download copies.

Update your Information!

As we begin another year, please take a moment to make sure your information is correct in Charms and that you are signed up for the appropriate Remind group.