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Kurtis Caldwell Interview

Student Interview

By: Kyah Ceci

This week I interviewed Kurtis Caldwell who recently came back to Valley STEM!


STEM Pet Features

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Tigger the Cat

Cally Brown

Kyle Savage is a Valley STEM Sophomore and this is his cat, Tigger!

Tigger’s life began when his sister’s friend had a cat which had a bunch of kittens. Tigger was one of those kittens. He sleeps all day, and during the night he tends to knock paintings off of the wall. He is a loving cat, but only to the members in his family. As shown in the pictures, he enjoys laying around and being lazy. His eyes are piercing green!

Felines, commonly known as cats, are a domesticated animal. Their lifespan can range from 2-16 years depending on their lifestyle. Cats are known for their keen ability to hunt rodents, typically mice. Cats sleep for many hours a day- 12 to 16 hours! Kyle’s cat specifically happens to also be very sleepy and lazy.

Trouble the Rooster

Hannah Torres-Phillips is also a Sophomore at Valley STEM. This is her rooster named Trouble.

Trouble is a black male rooster. He is very dominant compared to Hannah’s other roosters. Alongside being dominant, he is also the largest rooster that Hannah owns. One fun fact about roosters is that they can fly, but only about 60 meters far. Unlike female chickens, roosters do not lay eggs.

Growing Up As Xena

By: Paige Burbick

I own a female blue nose pitbull named Xena. Xena came into my care when she was two years old. Her previous owners did not properly take care of her which led to severe malnutrition. As she grew older she faced many difficulties.

Most of Xena's past owners used her as a fighting dog. They passed her around to different people who attempted to train her as a fighting dog. Due to her small stature, she was severely injured and Xena was returned to her original owner. Once she was returned, she would stay locked up in a dog cage in her owner's basement. They would never let her out of the cage and she was barely fed. Her owners decided to get rid of her because they claimed "she was too much to handle" and they "didn't have time for her".

When I saw the advertisement for Xena, I knew I had to get her and help her. She took a couple of months to get comfortable around me. Once she became more comfortable around me, we went everywhere together. As time passed she began to grow bigger and build up some strength. Xena is now three years old and she has made a significant changes since I got her. She has learned to be more comfortable around everyone and she is a very outgoing dog. She can now live a long and happy life with the people she loves.

The Life of Sharks

By: Cally Brown

Sharks are commonly feared by the public. They are commonly known for their very many rows of razor-sharp teeth (Great White Sharks have approximately three hundred teeth)! Because they have many rows of teeth, it allows for their front ones to be replaced after they fall out. These teeth are used for chomping on seals, and small easy-to-catch fish. A common misconception when it comes to a shark’s diet is that they eat humans. This is not something sharks do on purpose. For example, if they see a human flailing their legs on the surface, they will assume they are a yummy snack. The body structure of a shark is something that is easy to spot.

Great White Sharks can grow to be around 21 feet in length and can weigh anywhere from 1,500 to 4,000 pounds. Their noticeable shape is like a blunt torpedo. Great Whites have around 6 fins, and the one that is seen sneaking above the ocean’s surface is called a dorsal fin. The caudal fin is the tail of the shark which allows them to swim through the water at very high speeds.

Evolution over the years of sharks has been drastic. It is believed that sharks have evolved from reptiles, but there are smaller species that it seems they are relatives too. The Mako Shark is smaller and much quicker swimming than the Great White. Alongside the smaller Mako Shark, there was also the Megalodon, or Meg for short. The Meg was alive around 2.6 million years ago. These sharks are obviously now completely extinct, but the Great White is their closest living ancestor. Sharks overall are one of the most misunderstood animals that continue to live on this Earth.

The Insta-Fame Egg

By: Kyle Savage

January 4th, 2019 a post made on an account named world_record_egg made its first post of an egg. There was a caption saying, “Let’s set a world record and get the most liked post on Instagram". This beat the previously held world record by Kylie Jenner (18 million likes) "we got this” which was on the first post made by the egg. It then quickly got to be the most liked post after gaining steam. It is currently at 52 million likes and still growing.

On January 18 another post was made of the egg. But this time there was something different about it, it was slightly cracked. Additional posts were on January 22, January 29, and on February 1. Each egg was more cracked than the last except for the one posted on the first of February. That egg was just as cracked as the one before it but this time there was football laces on it with the caption: “The wait is over All will be revealed this Sunday following the Super Bowl Watch it first, only on Hulu”.

Hulu bought a sponsorship from the egg which is estimated to be worth 10 million dollars. After all the hype behind it everyone was wonder what could be inside the egg or happen when it cracked. People thought a lot of different things. In the end it was better than anyone could have thought. It was a video of the egg where it was cracking under the pressure of social media. They gave information about if you're struggling to talk to someone and listed a website for things of the sort. This surprised many people and most people were happy that it was something meaningful and not something that was just a joke.