Discovery Middle School Orchestra

Welcome to the DMS Orchestra homepage! Click each tab above to go to links that are the orchestra handbook and calendar. Check back in periodically for information throughout the year!

I am looking forward to a great year in orchestra! We have a long tradition of excellence and pride in our Liberty Orchestra program. I am so glad that you and your child have chosen to be a part of our orchestra family. Everyone is a valued member of our team in sharing our music with the community. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Ms. Coleman if you need anything. I am here to help!

Class Expectations in a Nutshell:

Be respectful (of yourself and others)

Be prepared

Be on time

How to contact Ms. Coleman? Email is best as I travel throughout the day to other buildings.

Ms. Coleman's email address:

How do I print music and other in class materials at home or at school if i lose something?

For anything we do in class or if you need extra music, go to Google Classroom.

Method Books used in class:

You can purchase these books at any of our local music stores (Meyer Music, Palen Music, Wyatt Violin Shop, etc), or an online retailer like Amazon. Please make sure you purchase the correct book for your instrument and grade.

6th Grade: Spotlight on Strings Volume 2 --- *please have by October 1st. We will continue in Essential Elements Book 1 for the first weeks of school and finish the book.

7th and 8th Grade: Habits of a Successful Middle Level String Musician by Christopher Selby. 7th graders need to have book by the end of August. Edit-Please have this book by September 9th

7th and 8th Grade Orchestra Book

6th Grade Orchestra Book

A quick note about private lessons:

Private lessons take a student farther and meet each musician’s personal needs. I recognize that this is a financial and time commitment. It’s not required, of course, but it is of tremendous benefit to the student. I have attached a list of local teachers, in case you’d like a recommendation. Individual attention through lessons helps a student refine skills and explore new music chosen just for them. Lessons open up many opportunities for the student. Please see me if you have any questions.

For all grades

Solo and Ensemble Festival is on Saturday, March 28th here at Discovery Middle School. This is an optional event, but is strongly encouraged. It's a great way for your student to get valuable feedback with a professional string teacher in a small setting.

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