OUR team

Advent Industries is an up-and-coming engineering firm consisting of the most inspired young minds of today. By combatting present-day issues and innovating engineering processes, our team fosters success in the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission and Vision

Advent Industries strives to break technological barriers by promoting a versatile work environment that motivates individuals to apply their technical and interpersonal skills through consistent communication and innovation.

We seek to ignite intellectual curiosity through the use of a collaborative environment with unique and diverse individuals.

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Meet the Team

Divided into nine distinct subteams, Advent's staff utilize their unique skillsets to contribute to the company's overall success.

Project Manager

Jeremy Jackson

Chief Scientist (Aquatic)

Russell Cox

Chief Scientist (Aerial)

Colette Do

Chief Financial Officer

Sasha Hernandez

Director of Outreach

Haylie Barr

Director of Media

Kyle Garcia Takata

Director of Publications

Hannaniah Ortizluis

Director of Systems Engineering

Kira Williams

Director of Mechanical Engineering

Ashley Son

Director of Electrical Engineering

Sean Yamaguchi

Director of Manufacturing

Giannka Picache

Director of Programming

Silas John

Advent Interns